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Course overview
According to the Wall Street Journal, “All IT Jobs Are Cybersecurity Jobs Now.”  In this course, we examine the concept of Red team – Blue team security professionals. You will practice Red team versus Blue team exercises, where one group of security pros--the red team--attacks some part or parts of a company’s security infrastructure, and an opposing group--the blue team--defends against the attack. Both teams work to strengthen a company’s defenses.  You'll learn how both the red and blue teams help the business attain a higher level of security, something the security industry is now calling the Purple team.

Program Structure
1. This course is designed to get you started as quickly as possible. There are a variety of self-paced learning activities.
2. Scored Questions are located at the end of each module to check your general understanding of the key concepts.
3. Videos and Demonstrations are located throughout the course to explain the concepts and provide system walk-throughs.
4. Final Exam: The Final Exam questions are scored and check your understanding of the key concepts in the course. 

Program Details
1. Introduction
2. Understanding the Cybersecurity Landscape
3. Red Team Penetration, Lateral Movement,Escalation, and Exfiltration
4. Blue Team Detection, Investigation, Response, and Mitigation
5.Beyond the Breach

Effort or Learning time
16 Hrs

Skills Required
1. An understanding of role s and functions of Security Administrator, System Administrator, or a Network Administrator. 
2. Basic knowledge of Networking and security systems.
3. Introductory level knowledge of Active Directory, including functions of a domain control, sign on services, and an understanding of group policy.

Who can learn
Following professionals can take up this courses:
1. Any student undergoing graduation /PG in Computer Science /Technology/Electronics and Electical Engg.
2. Engineering or Non Engineering students aspiring to make career in security systems.
3. Any student/professional with interest in Windows Server administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
4. Any student/professional with basic understanding of Windows networking technologies.


Course Study Materials
Module 1- Introduction
  • 1. Before You Start
  • Before You Start - transcript
  • 2. Hello
  • 3. Course Syllabus
  • 4. Pre-Course Survey
  • Assessment 7 Questions
Module 2 - Understanding the Cybersecurity Landscape
  • 1. Current Cybersecurity Landscape
  • Overview-transcript
  • Monetization of malware-transcript
  • Increasing regulations-transcript
  • 2. Assume Compromise Philsophy
  • Compromise examples-transcript
  • 3 Cost of a breach
  • Overview-transcript
  • Assessment 8 Questions
Module 3 - Red Team Penetration, Lateral Movement, Escalation and Ex-filtration
  • 1. Red Team versus Blue Team Exercises
  • 2. The Attacker
  • Overview-transcript
  • 3. Red Team Kill Chain
  • Overview-transcript
  • 4. Document Vulnerabilities
  • Assessment 9 Questions
Module 4 - Blue Team Detection, Investigation, Response and Mitigation
  • 1. Blue Team
  • 2. Blue Team Kill Chain
  • Plan a response-transcript
  • Execute-transcript
  • 3. Restrict Privilege Escalation
  • 4. Restrict Lateral Movement
  • Code Integrity policies-transcript
  • 5. Attack Detection
  • Assessment 5 Questions
Module 5 - Beyond the Breach
  • 1. CIA Triad
  • 2. Organization Preparations
  • 3. Developing and Maintaining Policies
  • Assessment 10 Questions
Final Asssessment
  • Assessment 24 Questions

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  • Students are required to take online assessments with eProctoring.
  • Students will be assessed both at the end of each module and at the end of the Course.
  • Students scoring a minimum of 50% in the assessments are considered for Certifications
  • 45 hours Learning Content
  • 100% online Courses
  • English Language
  • Certifications


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